The Most Controversial 2012 Survival Guide


The world is entering to a self destructive phase. That is something I don't like. I want to be part of the world leaders to change or revert this process. We can blame this to the capitalism or the industrial world. I think the fault is in each decision we make and not defending Mother Nature. My life is literally full of coincidences. One of them is my date of birth and is related to a historic character: Ivan the Terrible. If he would be alive we could be celebrating the birthday together. Just like I would with other famous people like Sean Connery, the Hollywood actor.
Other intriguing thing is that from my birthday, my life cycles are similar to the sun's solar storms activity. Every 12 years I have good moments in life. And every 12 years I am facing bad situations exactly. After a small research I found out about the horoscope and other astrological matters related to this pathological behavior. I saw that this 12 year cycle is stated in the Chinese horoscope.

This is amazing, so to predict a little my life expectations, my next best year is 2012. Some people now fear about that year 2012 would be the end of the world. I think year 2012 would not be that but as the Mayan calendar 2012 ending of the civilization's time. Other 2012 predictions are related to the dramatic shift of poles due to an usual space alignment between the Earth, the sun and the center of our Galaxy. In this moment I have not researched this field very deeply, but I have heard that the light travelling at its speed takes 28,000 years from the center of the Galaxy to reach our solar system. And that is more less the time it takes to witness the strange alignment we will have on December 21 2012. It does not matter whether 2012 prophecy will be true, or who will survive 2012. What really matters is how to survive 2012. This sounds like the name for that new 2012 movie.

I am writing this article with the sole purpose to find that kind of people who are thinking like me that we better prepare for 2012 and beyond. Using my research techniques in Google about 2012, I found out that the sun in year 2012 will potentially put in risk all the telecommunications and all the energy stations around the world. That could mean that we would not have Internet in 2012 and electricity provided by the governments or big corporations. In this sense, I believe is better to stop depending on the public services once and for all. Let's not use the water supply and electricity from them. In other words, it is time to start thinking in depending less in technology and retire from the cities, live near the agricultural fields and find communities that have experience in this.

For most of us, the idea to leave behind technology and their homes in the cities or towns, would be a terrible idea to face 2012. As you will see in the 2012 film by watching the 2012 trailer, that date will be a complete revelation of all what the governments and secret societies were hiding us. When it comes to survival, we have to gather the best minds by year 2012, and follow a survival strategy for 2012 living in secret communities that will defend the precious resources: people, knowledge and resources like land, water and others. If knowledge and information is transmitted in books or digitally, what would be the most reasonable thing to do to in times of crisis, when you are forced to move from place to place? Can you carry books around all the time? Would you have gasoline available by 2012? What about using eBooks instead, like the collection I have. But how can I have electricity, when were told to depend in external sources for electricity? this can be found from me and my secret partners that are changing their lifestyles to be in communion with nature and humanity. I encourage you to join forces with us, find the right place in the world to stay and be free from threats like violent people, the military forces, and barbaric people that will try to take over our freedom. And before this could happen, why not take some vacations with me and 7 others holders of hope in Orlando Florida in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, or anywhere in the world in the most luxurious accommodations at prices more affordable than being in a 3 star hotel?. Imagine becoming a member of a selected like-minded friends that would like to spend their best vacations before 2012 even in the most exotic locations in the world: Egypt, Holy Land, or near Stonehenge 2012... just kidding... Find me if you feel like belonging to a society to change the world.

an industrial engineer with a background in customer service in several call centers and working in his own projects: Ivan Madrigal, the controversial employee who wants to retire from the corporate world to live in the most remote locations with sustainable developments projects and communities. Learn more about him and his links with a private university for tourism in Costa Rica.
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